Get your exclusive membership card
Become a member of Sligo’s most exclusive club

Register in the Belfry on Saturday from 9.30 - 11.00

Benefits of Membership

The benefits from using your membership card include:-

  • Loyalty awards
  • Complimentary/Concession admissions*
  • Major Promotions
  • Exclusive member party nights
  • Birthday club celebrations
  • Membership info txt shot
  • Discount at participating outlets


Loyalty Awards

With the Toffs Membership card, THE MORE YOU USE YOUR CARD THE MORE YOU BENEFIT. Each time you use your membership card on entry to Toffs, you receive points. The number of points you get depends on the time of entry.

  • Paid admission before 12 o'clock on any night gives 2 points to the user and
  • Paid admission after 12 o'clock gives 1 point.

What do you get with the points?

  • On attaining 5 points you will be rewarded with a complimentary drink (either Vodka & Mixer or Pint of Budweiser). You will receive a printed token on admission that can be used to receive a complimentary Vodka & Mixer or Pint of Budweiser. Note that this token can only be used at the main bar.

*Complimentary/Concession admissions

The Toffs membership card entitles the member a discounted admission entry price into Toffs of €5 before 12:00 on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights.

In addition, before 31st July 2006, we are offering all new members FREE ADMISSION BEFORE 11.30 on Thursday, Friday and Sunday Night.

These prices do not apply on Festive or Selected nights i.e. Promotional Nights.

How to use your card

Simply hand your card to the admissions clerk at the ticket desk when entering Toffs and your points will be registered.

Participating Outlets

On presentation of the Toffs membership card the holder will receive discount at the following outlets:-

  • Addams Menswear, Grattan Street, Sligo
  • Aware Menswear, Grattan Street, Sligo
  • EJ’s Menswear, Grattan Street, Sligo
  • Wards Pharmacy, O’Connell Street
Note: Discount at discretion of participating outlet.